Photography has been my life since I held a camera for the first time 12  years ago in college, I started out as a photojournalist in a local newspaper where I developed a feel for special moments and seeing things differently. My journey in the wedding industry kind of happened by accident and thank God for that. One day a good friend reached out to snap some pictures at his wedding despite the fact that I thought wedding photography was tacky and boring  (boy was I wrong).  After that experience, I got OBSESSED with wedding photography and for the first time in my life... I had a clear direction for what I wanted to do forever.

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Now Julie, aka the smile machine, aka ninja sniper, aka leave it to me girl has been in this journey with me since 2012 and... what can I say, she kicks ass! She loves art and photography since she can remember. Loves a good conversation and by far the best storyteller I know.

Julie - Destination Wedding Photographer

We strive to capture special moments you can treasure your whole life and make you revisit them over and over again forever. We want to show your essence in impactful ways so that when you show your wedding pictures people go "Damn! We want them to photograph our wedding”. we have photographed over 200 weddings in Puerto Rico and the US and we want to document yours!

Things we like: Creativeness, storytelling, colors, problem solving, different, fun couples, Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet ice cream

Things we don’t like: Last season of Game of Thrones


What's your style as a photographer?

Coming from a photojournalist background most of our images come as the day unfolds, naturally without interference from us. We do give tips and tricks on the bride and groom portrait session so if you have never been in front of a lens or you’re camera shy, don’t worry! We got you. We love vibrant colors, black and whites and dramatic lighting.. so if you like what you see in our galleries and you like to have fun, we'll be a match made in heaven.

Will William and Julie be our photographers or will you send an associate to photograph on our wedding the day?

Why yes we are. All weddings are covered by both of us.

How many pictures do you typically provide?

All weddings are different. There are many factors to it like coverage hours, protocol etc.. Our goal is to tell your complete story without any gap holes. Our couples usually receive 600 to 1100 images, depending on the nature of their celebration.

Will our pictures be retouched and/or enhanced?

You bet! We deliver our images beautifully edited as seen on our website and social media.

Can you recreate “x” or “y” Photographers style/ Can we send you a Pinterest shot list?FAQ

We prefer to not do it and here’s why. We want our clients to have their unique experience through our art. There are a lot of cool pictures and ideas out there but it has probably been done a million times by now. If you’d like a certain picture let us create it in a new way so that it makes it to other peoples shot list. What you see in my website and social media is the product my clients receive. There are different photographers to suit certain people’s taste. We cover weddings in a very journalistic style,dramatic lightning and capturing spontaneous moments. If you like my style you will love the finished product.

Typically, how much time does it take before you will send us the photos following the wedding?

Usually we deliver the finished images within 3 to 8 weeks after the wedding day.

Do you attend to Wedding rehearsals?

Yes we do. Rehearsal coverage is available on demand as an additional service.

Do you cover every detail?

We certainly do. Photography is the only thing you’ll have apart from the memories so we make sure I have every single detail for you and future generations to treasure.

When will we receive our album?

The album process starts right after the client receives the finished images. You will have your own password protected online gallery so you can select the images you want for your album. Once ordered the album delivery time is 30-60 business days.


How do we hire you?

Use the contact tab at the top of each page to reach us with questions about pricing, products and availability. Once we have talked about your wedding, we’ll send you a webpage site where you can sign your contract and pay the retainer. Everything can be done online. It takes five minutes, and after that, you can count on us to be there with our cameras for the most anticipated day of your life.