Small Weddings and Elopements… the new normal?

Small Weddings and Elopements… the new normal?

Ok, so we can agree that 2020 had lots of surprises for all of us, and it came right out of the left field. We had over 50 weddings, and most of them postponed to 2021-2022… BUT! Most of our clients opted to elope or have a small intimate elopement weddings, and we LOVED IT.

I know it can be overwhelming to go from a 200-300 guest wedding to a hand-selected 10 to 20 guests for a small celebration. To our surprise, the ones we did last year were full of emotion, and our clients told us they were glad they went ahead and celebrated with an intimate wedding.

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Why As Wedding Photographers, we prefer Elopement Weddings!

From our standing point… and this will maybe seem controversial but… we prefer smaller weddings to bigger ones and here is why:

It boils down to raw emotions, celebrating with your immediate family and closest friends. That is something that it’s a bit harder in bigger weddings. You have so many guests, and there are so many things happening that sometimes you can get lost in all of it and might lose focus on what is really important… you, your soulmate and the people you most love.

This year, we have tons of clients that decided to celebrate their union in a smaller setting, and we are so excited to make compelling images in every one of them.

Julie and I made a small list of venues that we love to work at and are ready for your intimate weddings and elopements.

Royal Isabela

One of our favorite places to work and vacation. Royal Isabela is one of the most beautiful locations to get married. From the breath-taking rooms to prep, to the ceremony hill surrounded by nature and an ocean view. The experience starts right when you enter until you leave, and trust me; you will not want to leave. Our favorite part by far is the west side sunsets; if you have stayed in Isabela or any other part of the west side, you know what I’m talking about.

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Hacienda Siesta Alegre

No matter how many weddings we do in Hacienda Siesta Alegre, we always find a new beautiful spot to photograph. La Hacienda is one of the most stunning venues you will see in Puerto Rico… and honestly in the whole world. I remember the first time we photographed there in 2012; we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Definitely a special place, and right next to el Yunque, HSA is a mix of rustic and natural, and we will never get enough of it.

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Hotel El Convento

Right in the heart of Old San Juan, El Convento is an award-winning venue with over 305 years of history and the perfect place to have your intimate wedding or elopement. Every corner, detail, and room makes for incredible pictures of your special day. You will fall in love with the staff; they are willing to make anything happen to have your wedding go as smoothly as possible. Either you want to have an outdoor wedding at La Rogativa with El Paseo de la Princesa as a backdrop or an indoor one in the hotel patio del Nispero, El Hotel Convento.

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Love is Filled With Courage

We are so close to being back to normal, back to hugging and dancing our ass off. In the meanwhile, don’t be afraid to marry the love of your life surrounded by the people you love in a beautiful scenario… oh wait, that sounds awesome! 2021 will have many of these intimate weddings, and we will be ready to make stunning images for you.

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