Becca and Ivonne’s Engagement Session at Old San Juan

I received a notification a few months back from Becca and Ivonne to book us for their wedding. Their only concern was that they did not think they were photogenic enough for pictures (which we can all laugh about it now while watching perfection in these images).

We are an LGBTQI+, Gay, and Same-Sex Wedding Friendly Vendor

Actually, they did have another concern; their wedding planner asked us beforehand if we had any problem working with same-sex engagement photos and LBTQI+ weddings… to which we said ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM.

I can understand their concern, and I understand why they ask questions like this before interacting with a vendor. Our photography is inspired and moved to capture love in all its forms from a Cisgender Heterosexual couple to an LGBT+ Couple … it does not matter. We are passionate about taking breathtaking images and memories for human beings to cherish forever and pass along from generation to generation.

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We Started with an Old San Juan Gay Engagements Photos Session

They told me they wanted to go to Old San Juan for their engagement photos, and "Viejo San Juan" is always a yes from us. We can visit the old city 1,000 times, and we always find new spots and places with that Viejo San Juan charm that everybody loves and never rubs off.

Once they arrived, Julie and I were in awe of how beautiful they looked. All the planets aligned for this engagement session; we had amazing weather; Becca and Ivonne were looked stunning, and topping that, their good vibe was so freaking contagious it made for the perfect afternoon.

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A Beautiful enGaygement is about Including Family

I shared with them how happy I was with what I was capturing... we all were very happy!! Once finished the session, they mentioned if their kids could be in a picture to announce their enGAYgement (very clever, I must say). PLEASE LET’S DO IT, I replied, and running towards us was Grace and Owen with the most glowing smiles ever.

What a lovely family, you can tell Becca and Ivonne are made for each other, and we cannot wait till the wedding.

Thanks for being so nice to us and letting us go crazy with the pictures. I know how worried you were to be in front of the lens, but also I know how happy you are with the results. You girls killed it!


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Becca & Ivonne

My fiancée and I had such an amazing experience with William and Julie! Our engagement shoot turned out beautiful, and they made what could have been a stressful time, quite enjoyable. Their fun personalities, creativity in different poses, and attention to detail left us feeling so excited for them to take the photos of our upcoming wedding. When we shared the photos on social media, they went viral!

Hundreds of comments about how gorgeous they turned out.  I'll also add that William and Julie being bilingual, it helped immensely with our communication. Thank you for making our engagement memories extra special!

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